Monday, April 26, 2010

Undercurrent Restaurant - Downtown GSO 4/24/2010

We decided for our anniversary dinner we would go to Undercurrent to celebrate! We have been here several times in the past and it has always been really good! Saturday night was no different. We had reservations at 8:00 for dinner for two! We started out at the bar for a glass of champagne. Some may know that I like to have things planned out and I often decide on what I am going to eat at a restaurant before we sit down at the table! Strange I know but I guess I get it from my mother because she does the same. As I read through the entire menu, I decided I was going to have one of everything. The bartender suggested the Morel Mushroom Dusted Sea Scallops. If it has morel mushroom in it this gal is going to order it. Morel mushrooms are by far my most favorite thing! In the meantime, Mark is just shaking his head because once again I have decided on my meal before hitting the table. So we got to the table and it was Mark's turn to decide what he wanted. While he was deliberating I decided I was going to start out with the Lobster and Shrimp Spring Rolls. Mark said I must try them as these are a staple on their menu! We had the best server - Allison. We discovered that we remembered that she had been our server before at Undercurrent as well as Muse.

Here is the final dinner choice -


Starter: Organic Greens - Chive Vinaigrette, Goat Cheese, Toasted Pine Nuts and
Sun Dried Tomatoes

Entree: Coriander Rubbed Red Snapper - Fennel-Sesame Polenta Hash, Grilled Asparagus, Cilantro-Mint Emulsion and Raisin Molasses


Starter: Lobster and Shrimp Spring Rolls - Soy-Ginger dipping sauce and Shoyu Reduction

Entree: Morel Mushroom Dusted Sea Scallops - Tarragon Whipped Potatoes, Sweet Peas, Baby Carrots and Sweet Cream Butter Sherry Reduction

We shared dessert: White Chocolate-Blueberry Bread Pudding
Caramel Sauce

Everything was FANTASTIC and cannot wait to back!



  1. Yum! I've never been there but now I am dying to go...HUM...I feel a date night with the hubby coming on :-)

    DUDE you are totally like someone (myself) else I know....I actually go as far as reading the menu ONLINE before I go and picking out the perfect entree (and wine). HA! Neil gives me a hard time, but its part of how I build the excitement for the night.

    Congratulations again, guys. I'm so happy to hear that you are still "dating" your husband!

  2. Ha that is funny! I always look at the menu online so I know what everything is and I can have my mind made up! Mark gives me a hard time as well! You should definitely go. I noticed on the tasting menu while we there that Fridays are corkage free nights! We brought a wine on Saturday and the corkage fee is $15 so if you want to save a little extra or put it towards a nice bottle bring your own on Fridays! Thanks!

  3. I want those scallops and the bread pudding.

  4. Their breading pudding is amazing. It was the first place that I finally decided to try it and I can't get enough of it. Wish I had some right now!

  5. ohhhhhhmygoodness!! that looks so good and I am so hungry now!!!

    Happy Friday! Have a great weekend! :)